-   London Honey  -

London Honey is unique. It's the huge array of plants and flowers, and the diverse nature of our landscape which really makes the honey from our fair city so special.  Each part of London even has its own distinct flavour and taste, and this is why  we make sure we have the location on our honey  - that and it shows where our amazing urban bee keepers are!
From the light floral Hackney, to the deep molasses of Enfield or the nutty hue of Dulwich, each hive will produce its own individual taste for you to enjoy.
All of our honey is natural, and not blended. It is exactly how the bees have made it - we don't add, treat or mix anything to it as it is delicious enough as it is. It will contain traces of naturally occurring good bacteria and pollen - with this mix found no where else on the planet!