Here at Pearly Queen, we are not just about selling honey, we also want to help people learn and understand how amazing our flying friends are.


Throughout the summer, we run Bee Experiences, where the public can learn all about how a hive works, how bees communicate and get up close and personal with the bees themselves.


Our Bee Experiences make fantastic gifts, either as a voucher or combined with one of our gift boxes for an all round bee fan.


It's a great way to spend a few hours and is suitable for anyone keen on bees! If you are interested in attending the next one, send us a message!

COVID UPDATE - In light of current restrictions, capacity per session has been reduced to allow appropriate distancing. If COVID measures mean sessions are no longer able to proceed, a full refund or alternate date will be offered.



Our Bee Keeper Experiences 2022 Dates:


20th March @10am -- Spaces Available

3rd April -- Spaces Available

24th April -- Spaces Available

8th May -- Spaces Available

12th June -- Spaces Available

3rd July -- Spaces Available

21st August -- Spaces Available

11th September -- Spaces Available

Message us to book your space, or enquire about further dates, there will be more to come...!


Meetal giving the introduction to bees


Gather around everyone!


Honey from the bees!

Bee exp Smoker

Lighting the smokers


Having a proper look inside the hives

Bee exp

Having a go at assembling bee frames