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All of our honey is natural & raw. It is not blended. It is exactly how the bees have made it - we don't add, treat or mix anything to it as it is delicious enough as it
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We have a number of different varieties of honey from all over our city - each one different from the next, but each just as delicious.

Enfield Pack Shot.jpg

Enfield - hints of chocolate with a syrup and toffee taste

Balham Pack Shot.jpg

Balham - warm and rich with a herbal, nutty flavour

Walthamstow Pack Shot.jpg

Walthamstow - light citrus notes with a caramel flavour

Dulwich Pack Shot.jpg

Dulwich - aromas of sherry with flavours of dates and fig

Hackney Pack Shot.jpg

Hackney - Light sunflower front notes with rounded hints of apricot

Harrow Pack Shot.jpg

Harrow - Clean and fresh flavour with a subtle taste of cucumber and watermelon

Finsbury Park Pack Shot.jpg

Finsbury Park - Delicate hints of rosewater and a subtle citrus undertone

Gift Box Sets

The London Honey Collection contains four different varieties of our honey from around the capital - getting the chance to taste the breadth of variety London can offer - a must for all honey fans!